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How to Operate a Walk behind Concrete Saw Safely

Concrete saw in general is a great equipment to have because they make precise and accurate cutting of concrete easier and faster. However, they should be use with precaution. There are specific set of safety measures that needs to be observed in their use. And such should be especially paid some attention if you are operating a bigger version. That is the walk behind concrete saw or flat saw.

In operating this particular type of concrete saw, it is of great importance that you read the manufacturer's manual to familiarize yourself with the safety operating measures of the equipment. Start by wearing the suitable gear which includes safety glasses, foot wear and snug-fit clothing. You will also need something to cover the head and ears with as well as respiratory equipment. This is as recommended by the ANSI Safety Code.
But it does not end with the proper and safety gear. It also extends to the use of the concrete saw itself. And here is a list of reminders in the safe operation of a walk behind concrete saw.

Inspect the equipment first before using

When the equipment came from shipment, whether it was previously used or not, it is necessary to perform thorough inspection of the machine. Do so before you even work to place the necessary blade into the saw. In the same way, the blade needs to be properly and completely checked for any damage.

Make sure the blade mounting is correctly done

The machine consists of blade shaft collars and the blade you are mounting should match the collar's diameter. Ensure that the arbor is clean and free of damage before placing the blade into the saw. For proper mounting of the blade, it should fit perfectly over the drive pin and the arbor.

The blade shaft nut has to be tightened properly. For that, you need to use the shaft lock pin for the blade. The nut should be securely tightened against the external blade shaft collar. Also ensure that the left hand threads are on the right side of the flat concrete saw. And in the same way, the right hand threads are placed on the left of the saw.

Safety practices during the operation of the flat saw should be observed

Before starting the saw, make sure that you are at a good distance away from it. Stay on the side of the blade. As the flat saw is running, be mindful about the blade guard. It should always be positioned correctly.

While you are cutting, make sure you apply just the right amount of pressure against the handle especially when you are steering it to the side. Never force the blade against the material. Never increase the saw speed or lower the blade in haste. Make sure you follow the and never go beyond the maximum operating speed as specified.

The walk behind concrete saw should always be manned. Leaving it unattended with the engine still running is an accident waiting to happen. There are other suggested safety precautions. Make sure they are duly observed.

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